Companies take full advantage of the local and surrounding areas inhabited by minority nationalities unique milk residue resources as raw materials, use of milk and milk products processing technology and advanced biotechnology, in the production of high value-added casein series products, the future will be producing casein hydrolysis acid salt, protein and peptide series products.


On the afternoon of August 2, 2018, Zhangshizhen, vice governor of Gansu Province, accompanied by Zhanganjiang, the mayor of Hezhengjun, the mayor of Yumen City, and the heads of relevant government departments, came to Gansu Prot Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to investigate and direct the work. Zhangshizhen vice governor and his party visited Gansu pro biotechnology Co., Ltd. honor room, product display area, company culture wall and casein transparent production workshop. Majinyong, general manager of Gansu Prot Biotechnology Co., Ltd., reported in detail to the leaders of the Research and Research Group that Pulo's strategy based on "technology and enterprise", technology research and development, and industrial transformation and upgrading will be Pulo products from casein products and derivatives. It also plays a role in driving farmers and herdsmen to increase their income and promote local economic development. Afterwards, Vice Governor Zhangshizhen made a line of casein transparent production workshops and production lines. He walked and watched while listening. He carefully examined the operation of the production line and detailed the company's product production process, production process, and product sales. Inquiring into the production and management of the company. After the on-site investigation, Vice Governor Zhangshizhen held a special symposium with the leaders of Jiuquan City, Yumen City Government, and Gansu Prot Biotechnology Company. During the discussion, Vice Governor Zhangshizhen highly praised Gansu Prot Biotechnology Company's contribution to product research and development, industrial upgrading, brand building, and promoting local economic and social development. He also pointed out that the company should rely closely on the strategy of "science and technology to develop enterprises", increase investment in science and technology research and development and transfer of scientific and technological achievements, work hard to build special brands, and improve the influence and popularity of Gansu Pulo brand. In order to continuously promote the city and even the province's high quality economic and social rapid development to make more contributions.