The company is located in xiaowei township of yumen city, Gansu province. It is a high-tech enterprise that makes comprehensive use of the characteristic resources of agriculture and animal husbandry in Western Gansu province, and mainly produces casein series of products from "cheese egg", or milk dregs. The company makes full use of the local and the surrounding ethnic minority areas unique milk residue resources as raw materials, the use of advanced dairy and dairy processing technology and biotechnology, the production of a higher value-added casein series of products, from now on will be produced casein, hydrolyzed protein and peptide series of products.
Since the establishment of the company, in line with the "practical dedication, love and professionalism" of the enterprise spirit, with "the company and staff, the company and the region to develop together, the company and the common prosperity, to obtain social recognition in good faith and benefit", the production of first-class quality casein and its series of products as a goal to achieve the dual improvement of economic and social benefits, all Probe people work together, in promoting

   The company has built an annual production line of 2000 tons of casein, and will gradually increase the production of casein sodium, casein calcium, casein phosphate and other products. Products are widely used in food, chemical industry, Biomedicine, cosmetics, textile, paper, leather, electronic materials processing and other industries. In order to better develop and utilize the local agricultural products characteristic resources, the company carries out the agricultural products acquisition business and the agricultural products information platform, lets the local characteristic agricultural products connect with the domestic and international markets, does the one-stop service.